The Hijro network powers solutions designed to optimize working capital for businesses and streamline supply chain operations

Introducing F.I.X

Flexable Interchain Exchange

A truly agnostic blockchain platform allowing assets to simultaneously interoperate on multiple networks. Learn more …

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Become a Port

Connect to a global financial network purpose built for trade

Partner with Hijro and gain access to powerful distributed ledger applications for your organization and your customers. Access a suite of Hijro APIs to connect financial and supply chain systems to a network of complementary partner ports.

Become a port and power your organization with the Hijro Network built for trade.

Flexible trade
finance solutions

Link your ERP or e-invoicing platform to the Hijro Trade Asset Marketplace and provide supply chain finance and receivables finance solutions directly to your customers

Powerful blockchain
developer platform

create applications using our modular APIs and drive new revenue streams on our distributed ledger network built for the future

Fluid Custom Development

Create tailored trade solutions for the business you want to become

Fluid custom solutions by Hijro are built for your business and integrate directly into your bespoke ERP and IT platforms. Create flexible tools to improve processes, drive automation, and increase efficiencies in treasury, trade, and supply chain operations.

Hijro's powerful blockchain solutions protect your assets from fraud while providing transparency in financial transactions.

Become a port and power your organization with the Hijro Network built for trade.

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