Connecting the world’s trade platforms

Throughout history, the most important factor contributing to prosperity of specific locations in the world was a connection to waterways. The most influential and prosperous economic hubs have always had open access to ports, rivers, and oceans, which supported the flow of goods, people, new ideas, and technology. Today, trade exists in the digital realm across isolated, antiquated financial systems and IT platforms that have separated the flow of financial, physical, and logistical data. These digital software systems, despite providing immense global economic value, introduce unavoidable friction into global commerce.

About us

Hijro is the digital representation of the world’s waterways, connecting the modern trade platforms and streamlining trade finance processes. Built on distributed ledger technology, the Hijro Network acts as a global “waterway” for trade, providing partners and network participants with a more connected, more secure, and more efficient way to move value, assets, and data around the world. Ensure a future of prosperity for your organization and become a port on the global network of businesses, banks, and liquidity providers. Welcome to commerce connected..

Our Investors

Draper Associates
Lindbergh Tech Fund
Digital currency group
Cross cut ventures
Fenbushi captial
Thomson Reuters
Six Thirty
500 startups
Saint Louis Arch Angels